Upcoming Activities

St. Michael's Hospital: IPE Series - You talk to patients, but do they understand? Learn about health literacy universal precautions and how to use them with patients and families

December 14


Katrina Grieve, Patient Education Specialist SMH



  • Define health literacy
  • Describe how health literacy universal precautions can help you provide information and education to patients and families in a way that is understandable and enhances participation in decision-making
  • Practice using 3 health literacy universal precautions in health care scenarios


All SMH Students are Welcome.

Please Bring your own lunch and learn! - no lunch will be provided!


Please RSVP Christine Williams at williamsc@smh.ca December 13 (Include your name, school, program and year of study)

Case - Based: Palliative Care

January 9

This session follows the Dying and Death elective learning activity with a more immersive look at palliative care. The primary focus is a case-based discussion regarding a discharge scenario. Students develop a management plan for the patient/client and family. As well, they discuss the team process.

Please note this is a senior level activity; Year 1 students cannot register for this activity.

The following programs are automatically enrolled:

  • Medicine Year 4
  • Nursing Year 2
  • Occupational Therapy Year 2
  • Speech-Language Pathology Year 2

Trillium: Incivility in the Workplace Elective

January 16

Join this group as we address communication strategies to enhance harmony in the workplace.



For registration and inquiries, please contact: interprofessionaledreg@trilliumhealthpartners.ca