Upcoming Activities

Roles of Health Professions and Team Dynamics- Core - MAKE-UP

November 28

Students will gather in teams to learn about the roles and scopes of practice of their own and other health professionals. Teams will be provided with a case, and will collaborate to develop an interprofessional care management plan and also engage in discussions and debriefs with student peers.

In completing this activity, students will be able to:

  • Describe the roles of different health providers;
  • Define the difference between roles vs. scope of practices and consider areas of overlap and collaboration;
  • Define how different health professional roles are involved with assessment and management;
  • Describe how role understanding can support collaboration among team members and benefit the patient/client/family.

Prevention & Management Of Opioid Poisoning: An Interprofessional Approach

November 28

Opioid poisonings continue to be a public health crisis in Canada. Through this case-based interprofessional activity, health care provider trainees will explore the multifaceted drivers of the current opioid poisoning crisis, reflect on their personal, professional and interprofessional connections to this topic and apply knowledge gained on opioid poisoning response directly to a simulation where they will practice injectable and intranasal naloxone administration.


By the end of the activity, learners will be able to:

  1. Articulate how biological, psychosocial, economic, political and cultural factors impact the current opioid poisoning crisis
  2. Reflect on their personal thoughts and professional and interprofessional responsibilities related to substance use and opioid use disorder
  3. Respond to an opioid poisoning, including administration of injectable naloxone

TRI: Working Collaboratively Into the Community

November 29

Rehab Sector team members from Toronto Rehab-University Health Network facilitate a case-based discussion about a person in rehabilitation. Students are divided into interprofessional small groups. Discussion focuses on the different professional roles and contributions, as well as the Interprofessional communication and collaboration that occur in the rehabilitation setting.