Upcoming Activities

Unity Health: Collaborative Learning Activity - Disrupting Ableism

July 17

Collaborative Learning Student Series – Electives

The Collaborative Learning Student Series Electives will take place on various days and times throughout the year.  Many of the activities have limited registration and learners are encouraged to sign up early to secure a spot. In the event that registration is full - please sign up for the waitlist. 


Learning objectives for this session:

  • Reflect on various ways that disability has been seen
  • Describe what ableism looks like in healthcare
  • Discuss who is impacted by ableism
  • Consider possible ways to respond to instances of ableism in your practice

IPE Curriculum Office Hours - September

September 18

Hello everyone,

CACHE team will be having office hours once a month. This is an opportunity for students to "drop in" and ask any questions you might have about the IPE curriculum. No agenda is required and you can show up anytime between the scheduled hours.

If you have any questions about the IPE curriculum please register and we will share the ZOOM link with you.

Please note that this is NOT an IPE elective.

Team Response to Ethical Dilemmas - Fall 2024

October 9

Frank Wagner and Rosie Macri, both bioethicists, discuss ethical challenges faced by healthcare teams, present a framework to assist teams in ethical decision-making and provide an opportunity for students to apply the framework to three cases. These are real cases where bioethicists have been called to mediate difficult decisions and team tensions. 


Learning Objectives

• Describe the nature of reasoning and ethical justification

• Apply ethical reasoning skills to interprofessional practice teams

       – Relate ethical reasoning and decision-making frameworks to interprofessional teams

       – Identify ethical dilemmas in IP scenarios, and work together to unpack and address these dilemmas

       – Buzz group discussion and larger group discussion

• Heighten self-awareness of one’s own value system and sensitivity towards other value systems

• Develop reflection and critical analysis skills in team situations involving moral dilemma